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Naginbhai in "Chitralekha"
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DIT (E) 80G (5) 748/2007-08
DT. 30-1-08 Valid up to 31-3-2013
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AMA Award 2013

Doing an act of charity is a type of volunteerism and enables an individual to reach out to less fortunate people and creating a difference in their lives. In the Indian ethos and cultural milieu, an act of charity is a service to Humanity. It is perceived as a great Sadhana. A service to fellow human beings is a selfless service. It is decidedly a better way of spreading love and kindness.

This is the cardinal message that comes out of endeavors 83 year old Shri. Naginbhai M. Shah, who founded Dardionu Rahat Fund. a public charitable trust and which has been chosen for the "Anubhai Chimanlal-AMA Nagarikta Puraskar Award for 2012. The Fund was launched in 1964 to extend financial help to poor people who are not able to afford Medicare. Along with it began Naginbhai's journey of Service to Humanity.

Behind the birth of the Fund is a poignant event. Naginbhai awaiting treatment of his son in a hospital where he saw a widowed mother in tears as she had no money to operate her chiU. This had a profound effect on Naginbhai who immediately collected some money which included his own contribution and helped the v.'oman to get her child operated.

The event proved a turning point for Naginbhai who took an oath that henceforth it would be his life mission to help patients and families who lack funds for medical treatments. The oath led to the promotion of the Fund, which has become one of the more trustworthy humanitarian activities in Gujarat. People of the state endearingly look upon simple living and high thinking Naginbhai and his Fund.

The Fund has stood the test of time it has received donations totaling Rs. 12 crores till now since inception. More than half a million poor patients have been provided medicines. Nearly 800 had artificial limps. As many as 376 could hear and listen with the provision of ear-phones. Thirty handicapped are now moving about in wheel-chaired cycles. The Fund has received numerous awards. Many prominent citizens serve as trustees of the Fund. Dardionu Rahat Fund does not provide any dole. Rather its assistance is in the form of "enabling" the disease afflicted to uplift themselves.

Naginbhai and Fund are truly epitomes of service to Humanity, driving home an inspiring message that each member of human society is interdependent for well-being. The ultimate satisfaction comes from helping those in need.

Anubhai Chimanlal-AMA Nagarikta Puraskar 2011

Dr. C. Rangarajan,
Chairman Economic Advisory Council
to the Prime Minister has Presented the
Anubhai Chimanlal-AMA Nagarikta Puraskar (Award)
on Friday, Aug. 2, 2013 at 6.30 p.m. at AMA.to Shri Naginbhai.

Naginbhai Janmabhoomi

Naginbhai Phoolchhab