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TRUST NO: E 1410
HQ: 111/33/487/99-2000
DIT (E) 80G (5) 748/2007-08
DT. 30-1-08 Valid up to 31-3-2013
NO : 041910180 Dt: 27-9-95

Shri Naginbhai Shah

Dardionu Rahat Fund
Strong honest and spontaneous personality is what Shri Naginbhai has.

He supervises the team of volunteers’ daily visit the hospital and make sure every poor patient is provided money for medical prescriptions purchase.

Shri Nagibhai checks individual case and disburse the amount on the spot on daily basis. This is purely done on basis of need base and not on any other base like caste or creed.

He has got support of donors for this activity. He is full time engaged in many social activities of this type.

He is Gandhian. By Philosophy. Total self-less and hard work at the age of 87. He is not spending a single rupee for personal spending or any other purpose. He makes sure every donation is spent for the purpose only. Honest effort makes him to receive immense support from all over.

Very simple personality, down to earth approach and determination in his deeds to help needy persons makes him to stand out of crowd personality.

At his age he maintains very low profile living standard. He maintains excellent relations with the donors and no wonder all the donors have full faith in his activity and approach.