Dardionu Rahat Fund Service to humanity is the only Motto
Dardionu Rahat Fund
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Naginbhai in "Chitralekha"
TRUST NO: E 1410
HQ: 111/33/487/99-2000
DIT (E) 80G (5) 748/2007-08
DT. 30-1-08 Valid up to 31-3-2013
NO : 041910180 Dt: 27-9-95

Our Philosophy

The noblest act ordained by the Almighty is to remove tears, that is to remove causes which bring tears, such as torture, agony, physical disablement, sense of being alone with no one to fall back upon. Expression of sympathy, extension of a helping hand, satisfaction of acute need, infusing a feeling that there is someone to share grief, the torture and to provide healing balm of life and affection, fully backed up by extending a helping hand in concrete terms, is the work of God. God is love. The most vital movement mortals feel is hope, the balm and life-blood of the soul. The tongue of the wise is health. Wisdom does not lie in mere preaching. It really lies in acting. Community of our interest has enlarged our vision and engulfed us in the concept of "Vasudhaiv Kutumbakum". We invite all to this family of DARDIONU RAHAT FUND to dedicate with us to the cause we have spoused.

Our Aim
‘SERVICE to Humanity’ is the only MOTTO which has inspired this movement. Our aim is to help the patients. We adopt them in our family till they are wholly cured whatever be the cost. The Trust incurs no administrative expenditure because all workers are selfless volunteers. In course of such dedicated action, we are Trustees for the less fortunate section of our society to whom we want to take the message of help and faith that pain can be relieved by assistance, medical and otherwise, which will flow in abundance. In this mighty task we approach many so that this flow of help, assistance and support continue uninterrupted. This serenity of ours arises as with our trustees and volunteers; it is all a matter of highly personal involvement and dedication only to see that ‘HEALTH WALKS WHERE PAIN HAS TRODDEN’. Every paisa so warmly given to us, shall wipe out some tears or shall give timely aid to rescue someone from the very jaws of death. The Doctor treats but God in all of us will heal the ailing humanity.